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Patrick Duvendeck/Maggie Couturier | Published on 6/1/2023
Message from the website contact page - From: Maggie Couturier (

Hi Loon Lovers, June 1, 2923

The loons are together near the platform, with TWO new babies.
They have been on and off both parents backs. They brought them over for us to see, but they went right back to their safe place very soon after getting here.

Please inform your family and friends that there is a hefty fine ($1000) for harassing the loons. The DNR rules that you should stay 300 ft. from the the loons, especially when they are with their young. We already had a jet ski go with in the buoys, last weekend and forced the loon to leave the nest for quite some time. They were very reluctant to leave, even when Randy told them to.

I am happy to say that most respected their space! Hopefully the loons will have a good summer raising their chicks.

Maggie Couturier